Looking for a pet? SESAW has a number of adorable animals in need of loving homes

PUBLISHED: 17:00 08 October 2018

Ninja and Willy are looking for a new forever home
Picture: SESAW

Ninja and Willy are looking for a new forever home Picture: SESAW


School holidays are over and people’s minds have turned to taking on a new member of their family.

Whether that’s a cat, dog or rabbit depends so much on their lifestyle and commitment.

If you are a family of couch potatoes don’t even think of getting a working type breed of dog whose one delight is to pull you through the brambles.

Consider an older cat who would be content to sit beside you on the couch gaming or watching the telly.

If you fancy gentle walks meeting friends down the “rec” for a social get together of human and doggy friends, make sure you get a socialable dog.

Rabbits make good pets especially for adults or older children, as in or outdoor pets.

Somewhere there is a pet to suit all tastes and lifestyles - you just need patience and perseverance to find the right one.

Don’t jump at the first pet you see. If it’s not right it will only bring heartache.

An unmanageable dog to one person can behave perfectly for another owner.

If you are getting your pet from a rescue centre visit more than once, get to know a little about the animal you are choosing.

The rescue centre staff should be able to tell you what they have observed and what they have been told.

Remember an animal in kennels changes when it finds its own home.

Our pets this month who will shortly be looking for a new home together are Ninja and Willy - two lovely caring cats who have worked together to bring up their family of five kittens.

Ninja and Willy were dumped near the road at the top of our drive squashed together in a cat carrier, terrified by the passing lorries.

Ninja was heavily pregnant producing her kittens in a couple of days.

Willy had to taken straight to the vets where his badly damaged eye was removed, once he recovered from that, both cats took on the care of the kittens.

Now they all need the loving homes they so richly deserve.

For more details about any of the animals at SESAW looking for a new home, visit the website at www.sesaw.co.uk or call 01787 210888.

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