Dog attack prompts ‘words of advice’ from police

PUBLISHED: 14:07 29 April 2020 | UPDATED: 14:18 29 April 2020

The incident occured along Shelley Avenue in Sudbury on April 23. Picture: GOOGE MAPS

The incident occured along Shelley Avenue in Sudbury on April 23. Picture: GOOGE MAPS


Police say they will give “words of advice” to a dog owner after their animal reportedly attacked another hound during a countryside walk - and then bit a jogger who tried to intervene.

"Words of advice" will be given to the owner of the dog by police. Picture: SARAH LUCY BROWN

Mark Nixon was on a morning run in Shelley Avenue, in Sudbury, when he passed two women separately walking their dogs.

He said he heard a “blood curdling” scream and saw one of the women, who had fallen, and her smaller dog being attacked by a larger canine.

Mr Nixon said: “The lady, the one whose dog was being attacked, tried getting in between them but the large dog was simply too big, strong and extremely aggressive and she couldn’t do it.

“I sprinted back and tried pulling the dog off but it was locked on. I tried parting its mouth with my hands and got a small bite which I would expect with my hand so close.

Mr Nixon, 37, from Great Cornard, claims the owner “did nothing to get her dog under control”.

He added: “The lady I helped was extremely shaken and had a bad shoulder injury.”

A police spokesman said: “Police received a report stating that on April 23, at about 9am, on Shelley Avenue in Sudbury whilst out jogging, a 37-year-old male saw a dog belonging to a woman being attacked by another dog.

“The male intervened but was bitten by the offending dog . No injury was caused.

“But when he asked for the details of the female owner she was abusive.

“The suspect has been identified and words of advice will be given”

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