My Week, by Mayor of Sudbury Sue Ayers

PUBLISHED: 15:28 11 January 2019

Mayor of Sudbury Sue Ayres

Mayor of Sudbury Sue Ayres


Sue looks back at her week out and about in the community

I am trying to look positively into 2019, although with all the arguing about Brexit it can be depressing.

It is why I am so glad that as a deputy and mayor I have been apolitical and have been for the past three and a half years.

On Sunday I have been invited to attend the Volunteer Police and Emergency Cadets Annual Parade in Woodbridge.

I attended this event last year and it was great to meet so many young volunteers who may become serving police officers when they are old enough.

In the Sudbury area we have an excellent group of teenagers, who don’t receive the praise and kudos they so rightly deserve.

This week I met with members of the Chamber of Commerce at the Bridge Project and shared a super lunch prepared by The Bridge.

While there I asked the question “If they were the Mayor of Sudbury what would they try to introduce to the benefit of Sudbury?”

I am really interested to know what other people would do if they had a magic wand. I wish I had.

This week I also met with a group of volunteers who meet at William Wood House to record the Newstalk monthly magazine.

They had requested a short message from me for the listeners who are visually impaired. Yet another group of dedicated volunteers. Where would Sudbury be without these caring people?

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