New list catalogues Sudbury’s best buildings

The former mill at 42 New Street in Sudbury Picture: SUDBURY SOCIETY

The former mill at 42 New Street in Sudbury Picture: SUDBURY SOCIETY


A catalogue of more than 300 hidden or important architectural gems in Sudbury has been updated for the first time in more than a decade.

The Quay Lane cricket pavilion in Sudbury Picture: VAL BURNETTThe Quay Lane cricket pavilion in Sudbury Picture: VAL BURNETT

The Local List for Sudbury has been revised by the Sudbury Society and while the town boasts a number of Grade I and Grade II-listed buildings it says there are many places which contribute greatly to its interest and diversity and deserve to be better known.

The list was last revised in 2004 and contains a number of places such as the Quay Lane cricket pavilion, Old Mill at 42 New Street and 50 Melford Road.

It has been adopted by Babergh District Council and means it can be taken into consideration by council officers in planning applications.

Sudbury Society chairman Professor John French said: “We drew up a list in 2004 which was adopted by Babergh District Council and are delighted that our recent revision has been accepted.

50 Melford Road is on the revised Local List Picture: SUDBURY SOCIETY50 Melford Road is on the revised Local List Picture: SUDBURY SOCIETY

“We strongly believe that Local Listing benefits a property by improving its local stature and its saleability as well.”

The society says that owners of buildings on the list will not face the same restrictions as owners of Grade I or Grade II-listed properties.

The Society hopes that by making people aware of the history that owners will avoid insensitive alterations that can easily harm their visual appearance.

The Sudbury Society was created in 1973 to coordinate local action to protect historically significant buildings and encourage high standards of planning and design.

Prof French said: “The society was formed over 40 years ago, inspired by the saving of the Corn Exchange building, now the town’s much admired library on Market Hill, and we’re still working today to highlight and draw attention to attractive buildings that add so much to our townscape.”

Residents in Sudbury are being encouraged to view the list, which is available on the society’s website and all entries are accompanied by an image, map location, and a brief description.

“It’s a uniquely accessible and easy to use resource,” added Prof French.

“We encourage all Sudburians to check out whether they live in, or near, somewhere a bit more special than they perhaps thought.”

The Local List, which can be viewed in full here, includes:

• 3-6 Acton Square

• Talas House, 47-48 Ballingdon Street

• 67 Letterston Cottage, Ballingdon Street

• 46 Vine Cottage, Church Street

• 21-22 Burkitts Lane

• 1 Church Walk

• Post Office box at 58 Friars Street

• 1-3 Friars Street

• Bentley House, 19 Friars Street

• 46 Market Hill (HSBC bank)

• 104 Melford Road

• 7 Victoria Hall, Prince Street

• 2-14 York Road

• 2-5 The Croft

• Mountview, 12 Waldingfield Road

• 25-35 Plough Lane

• 10 Old Market Place

• Sudbury Hall, Melford Road

• The Drill Hall, 39-40 Gainsborough Street

• 82-83 Cross Street

• Brundon Lane railway bridge

• Ballingdon Bridge

• 2-8 Garden Place, Cross Street

• 36 Cross Street

• 10-12 Friars Street

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