Drinking and drawing on Tap at Sudbury pub with artist Michelle

PUBLISHED: 18:24 09 January 2019 | UPDATED: 18:24 09 January 2019

Artist Michelle Ranson.

Artist Michelle Ranson.


An evening of drawing over a drink or two returns to The Brewery Tap in Sudbury with painter and illustrator Michelle Ranson.

Michelle Ranson and a previous Drink & Draw class at The Brewery Tap.Michelle Ranson and a previous Drink & Draw class at The Brewery Tap.

Open to anyone ranging from beginner to professionals, the idea is for people to learn how to enjoy creating art but for whom everyday life gets in the way.

Michelle, a former secondary school art teacher who left education to concentrate on her own art, said the idea of Drink & Draw is to encourage those that have overlooked their love of the subject.

She said: “I wanted to give everyone a chance to give themselves a little bit of time out and give a focus to drawing and being creative.

“Its a free event to encourage beginners, through to professionals, to socialise and talk about art and what they have done in the past or what they hope to achieve in the future.

“I have had some recent success with my own art work in the last few years, winning a few awards and am very lucky to say I have many collectors of my illustrations and paintings globally so I really am living my dream.”

Michelle said the idea of Drink and Draw is popular in cities like Cambridge and bigger towns such as Colchester.

“Sudbury’s art focus is quite ‘Gainsborough’ orientated and that’s fine, but some people do find it hard to connect with this in the more modern world,” she said.

“I wanted a more contemporary way of involving everyone in art in a relaxed setting, from the doddlers to the more established artists in the area.”

The Brewery tap event is free and takes place on Monday January 28 between 7pm-9pm.

It is the fourth session to be held there - previous participants have ranged from GCSE students to former teachers who taught Michelle.

She supplies each table with art materials and some activities to get started.

“Some participants come with sketchbooks, tablets and their own projects they may want another set of arty eyes to have a look at,” she said.

“I have had people say ‘Oh I’m only keeping my friend company’ and by the end of the evening they too are drawing.

“The event is free and is an opportunity for the local community to interact with others in a creative way.”

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